Unusual Places To Have Sex

While doing sex in the bed is superb and fine, but there are unusual places to do it which can make it way hotter. Here are the top of the most off-the-wall places to make love;

  • On the floor

Take things a bit too far, get it on a floor. Make your carpet your temporary love nest while the floor isn’t the only the hard thing. You’ll surely enjoy the time of your life here.

  • In an apartment stairwell

Don’t forget to take note that this stairwell must be located outside to make your lovemaking more exhilarating. Do it at least 2 am in the morning to make sure that you wouldn’t get caught. You won’t believe how thrilling it will be to be afraid of getting caught.

  • In a bridge

Want to take your sexual into a newer height, literally? Why not?As a matter of fact, a pair of exhibitionist in Estonia can’t take their desires anymore, that’s why they decided to do it on the Arch’s Bridge of the country. Although they thought no one can see them, their page-turner activity was captured by an onlooker and now one of the immortal sex video on the internet.

  • In a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium

Scoring doesn’t just happen in sports. A couple make themselves busy in a bathroom stall right under the left part of the bleachers in Yankee stadium. And guess what? The entire video of the half-naked issue leaked in Deadspin so the whole world can watch it.

  • At the back of a police car

Believe it or not, some couples didn’t hesitate to tell that they have done it at the back of a police car after getting arrested – which is a reckless act! While the experience is one of a kind, it isn’t recommended as it may cause trouble than pleasure. Better do in your car.

  • In a locker room

If your sex bucket list doesn’t include this location, then you need to re-evaluate your rundown of escapades. Work up a little sweat in a locker room with your lover.

  • Library

Talk about silence – which you can’t do while exploring your partner’s body and dancing the rhythm of love. There’s something about being at the library which just turns some couples on. Perhaps, it’s the deafening stillness or just watching the hot guys reading which makes you feel bothered. Getting sexucated (mix term for sex and educated) must be the real next hype for people.

  • At a park

We are not promoting public indecency but if you want to try something new, getting laid in the park is your best bet. Risky it is but it’s worth spending here your play time since you’re close to nature.

If you have been thinking how to spice up things between you and your partner beyond your bed, these location ideas can help a lot. Just don’t forget to be a little creative (and careful) as you might end in prison when you get into trouble of it.

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